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How House of Zana Started

Amber Kotrri - Welcome To My Business ❤️

I started HOZ when I started travelling more and more to my husbands home country, Albania. I saw many rrobaqepse (seamstresses) and the amazing quality of the pieces they were making. I began designing dresses for myself for weddings I had that year and after compliments from my friends and family I thought about expanding the idea. I have always loved wearing glamourous pajamas and kimonos in the house and came across so many stunning fabrics in Albania that I wanted to make into these patterns. One thing naturally led onto another and next thing I had a small collection and customers purchasing from my Facebook, Instagram and later my website which is when I began to reach a wider market. From here I was approached by SilkFred and other online retailers and began selling my collection across a few platforms.

The next stage of the business came in the form of stockists. After working with many different dressmakers I had found my perfect match by the October of 2018, about four months after starting up and working with three other dressmakers. I began taking my collection around local U.K boutiques and although it was very daunting at first I managed to secure some local stockists. I began with Bettys Boudoir Sedgefield and then grew from there to other local shops such as Attitudes, Yarm and Poppys, Stockton. Then as my marketing began to grow I secured stockists in Chelsea, London and Ledbury plus many more. I am proud to say you can now find my designs in independent boutiques up and down the U.K.

The concept store wasn’t born until a year and a half later in November 2019. I always wanted to have some sort of physical presence so my customers could feel the fabrics and try on the designs for themselves as many people still enjoy the experience of high street shopping, as do I.

Our unique Concept Boutique is situated in Darlington UK - 7 Grange Rd, Darlington DL1 5NA

However you can still shop some quirky local brands online, however there is a much more creative selection in store!

See the brands that we are working with on our about page, we would love to support other small creative businesses so give me a dm if you want to work together! Including models and photographers!

Amber xxx

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