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New Member of the Team!

Hey Hey Beautiful Ladies,

Mini Intro to me - My name is Tiegan, I am a fashion student studying in Newcastle, I have recently joined the amazing HOZ team! You will more than likely seen my face in-store or popping up on House of Zana's social, either way, I can't wait to build a meaningful beautiful relationships with local and international customers who share the same values and interests as myself! - Responsible and Empowering Fashion!

Appointments - High Street Shopping can at times be an anxious or frustrating experience, it can leave you feeling deflated and disappointed therefore I am dedicating Wednesdays to 1-to-1 appointments only, virtual and physical however we are more than aware that day time shopping isn't possible for some, therefore if you book in advance I will come into the store at whichever date and time is convenient for you (And Yes Monday at 5am is totally cool)

Please note the shop will be closed from the public for your appointment, so be mindful and let me know as soon as possible if for some reason you are not able to attend your appointment.

What to expect - Before our appointment we will discuss which collections/type of thing you may be looking for, here are some suggestions - Chill & Lounge, Party & Night Events, Bodycon, Blouses, Work & Smart attire, Corporate Events, Weddings - the list goes on! I will help you bring your outfit come to life by styling your look with unique exclusive jewellery and accessories!

Fancy a quick chat? - 07557517299

You can also DM my Instagram @_tiegangarnett

P.s Hand sanitiser is provided upon your arrival

Have a cheeky selfi featuring Catherine Harts amazing masks and Hive Hand Sanitiser! - Virus Vibes

Sending so much love, see you soon💕

Tiegan xxx

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