Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Life in tough at the best of times so #Sew2Save is our signature campaign however due to Covid-19 we are living through a difficult time for humanity as fear and loss rises, we want to help communities come together.

We are so honoured that for our first project we are supporting our NHS Staff. The amazing Catherine Hart, a milliner with 20 plus years experience and who is situated above our Darlington store has changed her craft, as many others have, to suit these desperate time has been making basic yet vital protective garments for doctors and nurses for our local hospitals. She currently makes 5 a day consistently making it an average of 40 per week! Many have already gone out to James Cook Hospital, but the demand for more is high.

So we ask you to take part and help our NHS staff, get sewing, every single garment counts! We are accepting fabric donations, each garment takes around 3 Meters of fabric. Yet any donations of the following would be absolutely fantastic

- Poly Cotton

- Thread

- Buttons

- 1/2 Inch Elastic

Connect with local seamstresses and ask if they would like to get involved in our campaign and help raise money for your local seamstresses and let's bring back the old aged talent of sewing! We are also wanting to finically support those already using their time to sew scrubs, hats, tie gowns, etc.

What you can make

- Hats

- Masks

- Scrubs

- Tie Gowns

- Hair Nets

- Blankets

Let's get creative whilst many of us have spare time and start doing something amazing!

To get some information about this either email or DM our Instagram or Facebook.

Just before you leave, it would be great if now you could post this blog to any groups or pages you currently have asking people to come on board, connect and help protect our precious NHS staff.

Check out this facebook page for everything you need to know! Absolutely amazing advice on posts and what a phenomenal community!

Take Care,

Much love to all of you Amber & Catherine xxx

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