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Trending: ZEBRA

Seen the A/W 2020 SS 2021 Zebra Trend? Well our girls are on it!

Are you even ready to see what our collection consists of?

Okay as you wish.....

Accessories: HOZxHART Fedoras & Velvet Headbands

Every piece within our collection has a variety of face coverings and hair accessories available.


Firstly Silky Jackets + Fedora + Covering

Spot the difference - Premium Dawn Shirts

Black Bodice and Zebra Back Sleeves and Collar - Dawn Shirt

Zebra Bodice with Black Back Sleeves and Collar - Dawn Shirt

Full Zebra - Dawn Shirt

Full Black - Dawn Shirt

Our stunning dawn shirts have been made in a variety of different prints and fabrics such as the walk in the park and french autumn silk, here are some examples below!

To shop simply search 'Dawn Shirt.

Back to revealing our Zebra treasures....

The Tigs Shirt

Super chic, and sexy oh and it is revisable - so many ways to wear it!

Tigs Blouse, Black with Zebra Detail -

Tigs Blouse, Full Zebra!

*tie has been styled behind her neck*

The Tigs blouses are a light weight version of the 'Patterned Silky Shirts' and they can be styled exactly the same!

Introducing the Hermione Shirts

Zebra Hermione Shirt

Additional Hermione Shirts

Shown: Irregular Cow / French Autumn Silk / Mustard Leopard

To see all 'The New Dawn Collection' simply click here

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