What is a Kimono?

The kimono captures the exquisite elegance of Japanese culture and design and demonstrates that clothing can be much more than meets the eye. It is historically significant, aesthetically fascinating, and rich in symbolism.

At House of Zana, we carry a beautiful selection of handcrafted kimonos in addition to many unique, exclusive items. Continue reading if you share our love of kimonos and want to learn more about their history or how to style one.

Kimono definition

The terms ki ("wear") and mono ("item") are the roots of the traditional Japanese garment known as the kimono. There are many different designs and patterns for kimonos. Usually made from four identical pieces of fabric called tans, they are hand-sewn into the shape of a "T" and fastened with an obi, or belt.

Traditional kimono styles

Today, the kimono can be seen on all different types of people, from children to grandparents however there are many different styles of traditional kimonos. A number of unique factors, such as gender, marital status, and occasion, determine the type of style that is worn within Japanese culture. A male businessman might put on a happi (kimono jacket) to a festival, whereas an unmarried woman would wear a furisode (kimono with swinging sleeves) to a formal occasion.

Kimono colours

Kimonos' colours have symbolic meaning as well as the style. The pigments that were employed to create particular colours are also representative. The dyes are regarded to embody the spirit of the plants from which they are extracted and that any therapeutic properties are also believed to be conveyed to the coloured cloth. Wearing blue fabric is supposed to serve as a snake and insect repellent, since blue is derived from indigo, a substance used to treat bites and stings.

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Kimono materials

Different handcrafted and hand-decorated materials are used to make kimonos. These have historically included hemp, silk, and linen. These days, polyester, cotton, and rayon are frequently utilised materials. However, it should come as no surprise that conventional, non-synthetic textiles are preferred.

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How to style your kimono

Whether you’re going casual chic, dressing to impress, poolside glam or luxury lounging, our kimonos are perfect for adding something special to a previously plain outfit. Here are a few tips for how we love to style our kimonos and we hope they help you to unlock their never-ending versatility.

Keep it casual

A kimono can elevate all of your basics. Keep the colours simple and let the kimono do the talking by throwing one on over leggings or jeans and a top with some chunky trainers to complete your chill chic. We also love layering over a cosy turtle neck jumper in the winter months. Leave the kimono flowing open, loosely fasten it with the tie or show off your figure by cinching the belt loops at the back in an elegant bow.

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Poolside glam

Vibrant, elegant and lightweight, our kimonos are your new holiday essential. For a classy cover-up in the day, slip on over a swimsuit to slink to the pool in a sophisticated style. When the sun goes down, pair it with linen trousers, wedges and some bright jewellery for a gorgeous evening look.

Dress to impress

Ready to be the best-dressed guest? Whether you’re going out for a special night, a dinner, a wedding, or a glam party, a handcrafted kimono is ideal to transform your outfit from plain to fabulous. Keep it unfastened on top of a simple dress to really highlight the kimono's flow or embody the stunning patterns completely by fastening around a slip dress for a wrap dress effect. Style with some stunning heels, a minimal purse, and a spectacular necklace and you are ready to rock the evening - and we can guarantee no one else will be wearing the same as you!

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Luxury Lounging

Treat yourself to some bedtime bliss and wrap yourself in one of our kimonos to really wow from home. The perfect balance of comfort and style can be found in our silky robes, over pyjamas, underwear or your favourite lounge set. Morning routines, glam getting-ready and sweet slumbers never looked better.

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