Artisan Puppy/sml breed collars are handcut, handcrafted without the use of machinery only using manpower making them as sustainable and eco as possible. Leathers used are of the highest quality from age-old Italian family tanneries with local hides destined for consumption only, which would otherwise go to waste. The tanning is done using a vegetable process using no harmful chemicals. No extra dyes are added to the finished leathers and edges are burnished clear showchasing their natural beauty. The collars are unlined for smaller necks and all are finished with natural beeswax. Solid brass buckles and dees are sourced from a UK HMS Foundry. The buckles are Sam Browne, famous from the wartime until now. Collars are destamped with the SF+ logo and handstamped inside with SELDOM FOUND logo and HANDCRAFTED IN BRITAIN.

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